About Us

mar⋅ket⋅ing geek [mahr-ki-ting geek]

- noun

1. A virtual professional with a thorough understanding of online marketing, and the technical skills to implement these marketing tasks

2. A person with a web-savvy marketing plan to help you grow your business

3. Your missing link to connect the “What should I be doing?” with the “How do I do that?” and finally make your internet marketing efforts pay off.

You know your business needs to be online; in fact, you’re probably already there. Sort of. But your web marketing efforts have a hint of EADD (Entrepreneurial Attention Deficit Disorder), otherwise known as “Bright Shiny Object Syndrome“. You try one thing, then another and another and never quite get the results you were looking for. Or, you try to implement a new tool, but find yourself wasting hours figuring out the “tech side” of something that’s supposed to help you market your business online. You’re not a marketing professional, or a computer programmer. Why must things be so difficult?

Enter the Marketing Geeks team!
We’ve helped our clients establish effective web presences, drive additional traffic to their sites, and generally get good “web love”.

About the Team

Rebecca Zwar is our Marketing Tech Coach, and the owner and founder of Marketing Geeks Intl.  She is passionate about the way the internet combines creative and technological possibilities for even the smallest of businesses to market themselves online. Marketing Geeks offers coaching and virtual assistance packages to help entrepreneurs create web-savvy marketing plans, and provide the tech-smarts to connect the “what to do” with the “how to do it”.

After 8 years in the property management field, Rebecca started her business in 2006, with a plan to focus on real estate virtual assistance. However, she quickly found most of her clients were more interested in help with figuring out their WordPress blogs and social media profiles than with day-to-day real estate support. She quickly found she absolutely loved the combination of creative and technical tasks in marketing businesses online and Marketing Geeks Intl. was born.

Rebecca has been featured in the print book The Business of Being Virtual, and has been a speaker at the 2009 IVAA conference, the Summer Speaker Series, and several other online telesummits. She grew up in Chicago, but now lives on the shores of Lake Michigan in Michigan with her handsome husband and two gorgeous, brilliant children.

Jenna Ratzlaff was the first team member brought on, and has been assisting Marketing Geeks clients for some time now.She is based out of the DC area, and has worked closely within the financial and business industry since 2006.

Jenna enjoys the challenge of meeting a clients needs while helping them take their business to the next level. Her goal is to directly and positively affect the quality of the organization she partners with. She specializes in Social Networking, Blog Support and Article Marketing. She also assists with writing projects for clients that need them.

Jade Druseikyte’s background was as a project manager for a variety of international companies – working on tasks such as Projects analysis, SupportDesk administration, designing and editing newsletters and other marketing projects. She has a Master Degree in Business Administration and Management.

She started her VA business in 2008 and loves what she is doing now! She is a communicative person with positive attitude to life and an analytical way of thinking. Jade supports the Marketing Geeks team with Social Networking, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Audio projects.

Renee Crabtree is a hard-working, organized and internet-marketing proficient Virtual Assistant. Her expertise is in the real estate industry. After college she went to work at a title company as a Title Production Specialist. She then moved into the Marketing Department and realized her true passion. She spent 5 years in Marketing and loves helping people get their problems solved…fast! Renee thrives on efficiency, and is here to help Marketing Geeks in the areas of Real Estate Marketing, Social Networking, and Social Media Marketing.

We assist real estate coaches, graphic design gurus, copywriting queens, advertising execs,  and entrepreneurs of any sort wanting to take a stand and carve out their spot on the internet. We have the tools and know-how ~ are you ready?