Inbox overload? Here’s a way to deal with it for good!

I know I have often suffered with inbox overload. Have you? Whether it’s your own inbox, or your managing email for your client, there’s no sense in wasting tons of time working through the same types of emails over and over again.

I found this great video from Derek Halpern from Social Triggers on a way to deal with it once and quit wasting so much time. Take a watch!

Secrets to his system? Inventory the types of email you regularly get. Here’s Derek’s list:

1. Email from newsletters you subscribe to and like to receive
2. Email that needs a response from you
3. Email that needs a response, but not necessarily from you
4. Email that doesn’t need a response at all
5. Emails from people that added you to their mailing list without your permission

Yours may look a little different, especially if you’re managing someone else’s inbox.

To deal with the only two sections that really matter (#2 & #3), go through those again. Look for common threads. Then, type up generic responses so you can do the work once, then rely on your email service going forward. I prefer Gmail, so I’d set these up as Canned Responses. Your email service (hopefully!) has a similar function. If you’re using Outlook, check out’s service.

Instead of trying to “brute force” your way through tasks like email management, spend a couple hours, design an operating procedure for dealing with most of your emails. Put it in place, and voila! You’ve saved yourself HOURS in 2014!

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