Three tips to get your subscribers to open your email

One of the more frustrating issues entrepreneurs often have is that after taking the time to build up a large email list of targeted subscribers, people still aren’t even opening their emails, much less reading what you are sending them. Most coaches and entrepreneurs I know work really hard on creating useful information for their subscribers so it’s natural to get frustrated if no one is even reading them. How can you make this situation better?

Don’t over sell — If every last email you send to your subscribers is selling something they will be trained to know that and if they’re not in a buying mood they’ll just click “delete” or worse “spam” after weeks of over selling.  I’m not saying don’t sell, I’m just saying pull them into your funnel, don’t flood them out.

Pique curiosity — Creative and personalized subject lines can go a long way to getting people to at least take a look at your email. But be careful, do not lie in your subject line, nothing can make a subscriber madder than opening what promises to be an interesting email only to find yet another sales pitch. However, be creative and pique the subscribers’ curiosity but do it in an honest way so that you build trust.

It’s all in the timing — If you are not sending your emails at the right time of day then they can become hidden with all the other email that your subscribers receive each day. People get overwhelmed with the sheer volume of email, they will quickly scan subject lines, if nothing is interesting, they click away. Avoid this problem by sending your emails at the right time.

If you know your niche (and you should) you should also find a way to find out the best time for them to read your emails. You can try different times of the day and check your metrics to find out the best times for your subscribers but depending upon your niche you can also make some educated guesses on when they might be at their computer reading email — THAT is the time you want to send it.