Using Your Logo Efficiently in your Online Marketing

So you have a nice, pretty logo – yay! But now what? Do you know how to use your logo effectively in your Online Marketing? Here are a few tips…

There should be a consistent look and feel to every page of your website. You want your visitors to know they haven’t actually left your site when they go to another page. A WordPress based website is great for this, as you have a standard template that can be customized for your needs, while keeping certain areas the same for branding.

Icons for going back or to the next page, for printing the page or even the icons that line your menu should all follow the same theme as your site as part of your marketing effort. Every aspect of your website should be about your brand. Standing out from the rest is not nearly as important as having others recognize your site. If a visitor travels to other pages and they look different, they may believe they accidentally left your site and then really leave it!

A simple concept for internet market branding is your logo as an icon. You can then use this as buttons and every time a person has to click, your logo makes an imprint. Obviously it will need to be much smaller than the main logo on your page or other areas to be used as a menu icon, as small as 16 x 16 pixels for the favicon (the icon displayed in the browser window and in saved bookmarks), but the reduced image will continue your branding throughout your pages and offer a benefit to your internet marketing effort.

Additionally, with this level of branding throughout your site there will be no doubt in your visitor’s mind where they are. You can even make it so a visitor bookmarking your site will see the icon in his or her favorites, further imprinting the image. Remember, returning visitors often buy more than first time visitors and keeping your image in their minds will aid your internet marketing efforts

And use your logo in your social media sites as well. While I always recommend that you use a photo of yourself for your personal profile on Facebook and Twitter, you can definitely use or incorporate your logo into your Facebook Page photo. And you can utilize a custom Twitter background to help with branding with your logo as well.

With a bit of creativity, you can make it so prospective customers automatically think of you when they see your logo. This is one of the simplest yet most effective branding methods.

How to: Add Google Analytics to your Facebook Fan Page

Now I know, analytics aren’t the sexiest thing in marketing.  Most people want the latest and greatest new tools or tricks, me included!  :)  But knowing who is visiting your site, where they’re coming from, who is linking to you, and where in the world they’re located is really helpful in knowing whether your current marketing (or that new latest and great tool) is working the way you want.

After all, if you want to appeal to US corporate business development professionals and expect that most of your traffic will come from LinkedIn, you might be surprised to find that the majority of your traffic is clicking through from Facebook and are located in Europe. Without analytics, you’d be completely unaware. As they say, ignorance is bliss! Unfortunately, for the business owner trying to make a living through sales of their products or serivces, it isn’t bliss because you’re not getting the results you’re expecting and you wouldn’t even know why.

So analytics are very important – they can give you insights into your visitors that let you make copy changes to better appeal to your target market. They can give you an idea of who is linking to you and interested in your content. And they give you the opportunity to do better with your business.

But what about external pages, like your Facebook Fan Page? A Facebook Fan Page is an increasingly important part of your online presence, but until now has been fairly difficult to get a sense of analytics. Facebook Insights give some info, but not as much as a lot of people would like to see. But now, there’s a way to add your Google Analytics code to your Facebook Fan Page!

But rather than me trying to explain how to go about adding the code, the folks over at Social Media Examiner have done a great job of that already! Check it out, they offer instructions complete with pictures and make it easy for you to do it yourself.

7 tips for knowing what social media tasks to outsource, and when

Too many small business owners wait until they’re overwhelmed to start outsourcing, either because they feel they’re the only one who can do the job right, or because they fear it’s simply out of their budget.

The truth is that there are many tasks you’ll come across in your web-based business that do not fall within your area of expertise. The right virtual assistant will get you set up, going and be on to the next task in the time it will take you to read the FAQ’s! Think of them as your virtual help-desk for developing, implementing and marketing your internet presence

1. Take a look at your current time spent on certain social media marketing related tasks? Do you find yourself losing hours on Facebook a day? While you may enjoy it, this could be a great first step to outsourcing, as you’ll immediately be more productive.

2. What parts of your online marketing strategy do you dislike? If there are things you know you should be doing, like looking at your analytics, but find you’re always putting them off, outsource them. You’re feeling guilt over a task you don’t like, instead of feeling positive about all the tasks in your business you do enjoy. This can immediately affect your perceived happiness/stress levels.

3. Or, if you find that you really enjoy social marketing, and aren’t getting your business must-do’s done (like bookkeeping, billing, scheduling, etc.) find a VA that can assist with those annoying tasks so you’re free to do the tasks you enjoy.

4. Find a VA by referral – the beauty of social networking is that it allows you easy access to all sorts of people that may be using similar tools as you. You can go to them for recommendations on programs, services and people. And this gives you more peace of mind as you start outsourcing projects.

5. If you’re so overwhelmed that you don’t even know where to start with outsourcing, find one tasks that stands alone (something like getting out your newsletter). You can send over your template, article, and site logins and know the task will get finished. That alone can help you see the forest for the trees and start to delegate more.

6. Know that sometimes you just have to stop and take the time to delegate, even if you feel too busy. It’s better for your peace of mind now, and you’ll never get to it later. So just do it!

7. Finally, remember that having a more objective perspective on your business can do wonders as well. A VA with good business sense can help streamline systems, suggest areas for improvement, strategize your marketing and generally provide you balance when things get crazy.

Turn your Gmail account into a Social Media Managing Monster

If you’d like to be more active on your social media sites daily, but find that opening a multitude of windows and programs just gets overwhelming and so you miss out, check out these great add-on’s and widgets that can help you do more and be a social media monster, all from within your Gmail inbox.

1. Twitter is one of the most active social media sites, and it can be easy to spend lots of time there during the day. But if you run one of the many (great!) Twitter clients like TweetDeck or Twhirl, you might notice that it’s distracting, as well as possibly slowing down your computer a bit. For quick updates, try installing the Twitter Gadget for Gmail. While it may not have all the functionality of other Twitter clients, it lets you reply, retweet, or post an update quickly, and get back to business, all without leaving your email inbox.

2. Sharing Content – Looking for some content to share quickly through your Twitter Gadget? Try installing the Delicious Gadget. Essentially, you see a list of current links you’ve bookmarked, which make for easy reference for your social media efforts or to send via email.  Or, for Firefox users, you can install Google Reader as a sidebar in your Firefox window. Then, you can quickly grab a link to an article to share on Twitter, or you can share through Google, and again spread valuable content quickly without getting distracted by a new window.

3. is the definitely one of the most popular social networking sites, and I imagine many Gmail users have a account in Facebook. The Facebook Gadget for Gmail will allow you to see your friend requests, friend updates, photo updates and more within the comfort of your Gmail inbox

4. FriendFeed is a social networking aggregator that combines data from various social networking sites into a single place, allowing you to keep an eye on everyone you follow without having to visit individual sites. If you are a Friendfeed user, you can easily view your update streams in the Gmail sidebar with the Friendfeed Gadget.

4. Want more? – There are even gadgets for Digg and Flickr.

These widgets and gadgets are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to increasing your productivity within Gmail. If you’re looking for more, beyond just social networking and social media, check out these great resources:

14 Add-On’s that make Gmail more awesomely productive

How to make Gmail your ultimate productivity center

Don’t have the time or know-how to get these set up on your Gmail account? This is a great task for a social media virtual assistant to work on for you!